Three effects of active calcium carbonate in blow molding

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Active calcium carbonate can be applied in plastic products, play a large function effect, for example, can improve the stability of the plastic products, heat resistance and rigidity, and can also reduce the resin shortening rate of plastic products, the viscosity of it is controlled within a certain range. The production and processing of plastic products will have a blow molding process, which is also related to the quality of plastic products, so what effect can the calcium carbonate play during the blow molding?

1, improve the astigmatism of plastic products

In plastic products, some products require whitening and opaque, some want to extinction, the increase of active calcium carbonate in this area can play a certain effect. Calcium carbonate with whiteness above 90 has significant whitening effect in plastic products. With the cooperation of titanium dioxide, lithopone, the extinction of plastic products has been greatly improved. In the calcium plastic paper, in the low density polyethylene (LDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) film, increase calcium carbonate can reach the effect of astigmatism and extinction, make it suitable for writing and printing. Calcium carbonate with better whiteness can also replace expensive white pigments.

2, can make plastic products with some special functions.

Active calcium carbonate added to the cable material has a certain insulating effect, the increase of calcium carbonate can improve the electroplating function of some products, printing function. Fine or ultrafine calcium carbonate is added in polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and has a certain flame retardant effect.

3, reduce the cost of plastic products

Common light calcium carbonate, heavy calcium carbonate its price is far under plastic price, the increase of active calcium carbonate can make the cost of plastic products drops. The calcium carbonate is called Filler (Filler) or Extender (Extender). At the present stage, the increase of calcium carbonate to reduce the cost of plastic as the main goal. With the improvement of appearance property and controllable shape and particle size of calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate will gradually become a functional filler for reinforcing or giving functional purpose. Calcium carbonate is a very common filler in the production and processing of PVC products.

The increase of active calcium carbonate not only makes the properties of plastic products themselves get qualitative improvement, functional progress, but also makes the cost of users greatly reduced, killing two birds with one stone! Users should also pay attention to that the use effect is good on the basis of no problems, once there is a problem has not been solved, residual hidden some detail flaws, then the effect of the product may not be fully played out.

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