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Describe the production process of barium hyperosphate

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How to extract hyperoptical barium sulfate, it is the first choice of high quality, high content, high whiteness of barite as the preferred processing material. After manual selection and layers of selection, select some in the content, whiteness and brightness are suitable for the production of hyperoptical barium sulfate under the premise.

Production technology of accumulated barium sulfate

1 Glauber's nitrate - sodium sulfate method to produce accumulated barium sulfate

Glauber's salt-sodium sulfate method is a traditional production method, skilled, applicable throughout the situation, the material is barite and Glauber's salt-salt, but this method for sodium sulfide by product, chemical reaction is as follows:



Comprehensive utilization of brine

It is the reaction of barium yellow halide and mirabilite, after acid cooking, water washing, separation, dehydration, boring, get the accumulation of barium sulfate products, the reaction formula is as follows:

BaSo BaCl + NaSo)) + 2 nacl

The particle size distribution of hyperoptical barium sulfate produced by the above two methods is generally between 0.3-10lm, and the content of barium sulfate is about 97. Other, many domestic scientific research institutions are also in accordance with the above two methods do not need to improve, guangxi academy of science metallurgical chemistry research to explore the barium chloride as a cosolvent salt solution method to accumulate barium sulfate new technology. This process has the following characteristics: 1 process simple, BaSo yield up to 90 above, beyond national grade a standard product quality, strong adaptability of minerals, the product planning but can small, produce large elasticity of operation, successful discussion open declaration of sulfuric acid by henan province chemical industry research new technology of production of barium sulfate black ash method, have been implemented industrial products, first class products > 90, small product ion, particles distribute evenly, Large specific surface area, excellent function.

Because the particle size of the accumulated barium sulfate produced in industry is large and has optical masking, the dry coating film formed by it in the coating is often poor in transparency, poor in surface luster and weak in bonding. The use of ultrafine barium sulfate can make the above problems can be treated. Superfine barium sulfate refers to the primary particle size in the range of 10-100. Its outstanding features are: superior optical function, excellent dispersion, good adsorption, ultrafine barium sulfate is also used in coatings can also improve liquidity, prevent settlement.

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